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DAME Calls for entries

Trustees of the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME) have invited entries in

32 categories, covering print journalism, broadcasting and advertising for the 20th


The print journalism entries include: Action Photography, Best Designed Newspaper,

Child Friendly Media, Editorial Cartooning and Informed Commentary. The reporting

categories are in Agriculture, Capital Market, Health, Sports, Insurance Reporting,

Judiciary, Politics and Development. There are also the Press Reporter of the Year,

Editor of the Year, Magazine of the Year and the Newspaper of the Year.

The Broadcast categories include Radio Reporter of the Year,  Radio Drama of the

Year, TV Reporter of the Year, Radio Presenter of the Year, TV Drama of the Year,

and TV Documentary of the Year.

Entries expected for advertising include the consumer goods and services categories

of Press Advertising, TV commercials and Radio commercials. 

Its advertising entries will be scored on the AIDA principle while the reporting

categories will be assessed under the ABCADER principle. While the AIDA emphasizes

an advert’s ability to attract attention, interest, desire and action, ABCADER

dwells on accuracy, balance, context, use of language and research in reporting and

analysis. More information is also available on the dame website:


First held on March 20, 1992, DAME, at 20, is the country’s most consistent media

award and is premised on the need to stimulate excellence in the media through

recognition of outstanding works.  Individuals and organizations who share this

vision fund its operations. 

Entries, which close on July 14, should be forwarded to The DAME Secretariat at 9


James Robertson Street, Surulere Lagos.  






Nomination Form 

Process of nomination:

• Any FRCN permanent staff can nominate himself/herself or someone else.

• The closing date for nominations is Friday, 3rd of June, 2011.

(Send completed nomination form to the Deputy Director/Head Corporate Dev. & Communications,

FRCN Headquarters, 1st Floor, Rm. 2, Radio House, Herbert Macaulay Way, Area 10 Garki Abuja).

• Read and Comply with the General Rules for Entry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Nominating Party: (Name, Station, Staff Number)

2. Person Nominated:

a. Surname

b. First & Middle Names

c. Staff Number

d. Directorate/Department

e. Station

f. Address

g. Telephone No. 

h. Email

3. Category of Award:

4. Why the nominee is a Suitable Candidate for this award:

(Please provide as much information as possible relating to the nominee and work for

which he/she is being nominated for consideration by the judges. You may support your

nomination with no more than 1000 words, addressing; 

- work, project or excellent attribute(s) of the nominee

- how the nominee meets the judging criteria for the award

- date and place of broadcast (Core Broadcasting categories)

- how FRCN’s corporate development or reputation has been enhanced by this nominees

work/project/excellent attribute

* Use extra paper.

Supporting CDs and transcripts of work/project are REQUIRED for Core Broadcasting

categories; while documentation and materials are encouraged for Support Services categories.

Please use a separate sheet of paper, if necessary. 

I affirm that all the information and materials herewith provided are true and that

I should be held responsible for any false declarations; I have read and understood

the entry conditions and accept the judges’ decision as final.

                        Signed _____________________________ Date __________________




The FRCN Excellence Awards is an incentive scheme evolved as part of a broader package

of measures to boost performance and service delivery as well as promote healthy competition

amongst the various categories of staff. 


The overriding aims of this award are to: 

Recognize, reward and celebrate outstanding employees of FRCN who demonstrate

creativity, exemplary performance, provide exceptional contributions and/or model

excellent service to the corporation 

Enhance accomplishment of corporate goals and objectives 

Encourage a culture of appreciation and recognition of Outstanding Performance by the FRCN. 


1. The Awards are open only to permanent staff of the Corporation. 

2. Entries /Nominations must be from within the Corporation; either self Entry/Nomination

or Nomination by other staff or from any FRCN Station. 

3. Mode of Entry: 

Entries must be made on the standard Awards/Nomination Entry form to be downloaded

from FRCN website at www.radionigeriaonline.com

4. Each Entry for CORE BROADCASTING must be on a separate clearly marked Audio

Compact Disk; two (2) copies of which must be submitted bearing the Name, Address,

Telephone Number of the Entrant and the duration of the Entry plus a transcript. 

5. No Entrant/Nominee will be short listed for more than three (3) categories of Awards. 


6. All Entries must be work done, produced and Broadcast on FRCN Stations between

1st January 2010 and 31st December 2010. 

7. Entries for more than one (1) category must complete a separate Entry/Nomination

form for each category. 

8. Submitted materials cannot be retrieved. 

9. Judges have the right to reject an Entry/Nomination, which in their opinion does

not comply with the requirement of the Award. The judges’ decisions would be final. 


Submission of Entries shall be between 9th May and 3rd June 2011. Late Entries will not be accepted. 


21 Awards grouped into CORE BROADCASTING and SUPPORT SERVICES. The number

and nature of Awards may vary in future. Award Categories: 


(1) Producer of the year 

(2) Presenter of the year 

(3) Studio Manager of the year 

(4) Investigative Journalist of the year 

(5) Commentary Writer of the year 

(6) News Editor of the year 

(7) Sports Journalist of the year 

(8) Reporter of the year 

(9) Commentator of the year

(10) DJ/Music Presenter of the Year

(11) News Caster of the Year


(1) Engineer of the year 

(2) Technologist of the year 

(3) Marketer of the year 

(4) Administrator of the year 

(5) Junior staff of the year 

(6) Auditor of the year 

(7) Accountant of the year 

(8) FM Station of the year 

(9) General Manager of the year

(10) Most Valuable Listener of the Year


Cash gift 


Training opportunities 


There will be two categories of judges (internal and external). 



(1) Producer of the year 

Innovation (25 pts) award for originality, Novelty and creativity in working with established

Strands and protocols of programme production

Clarity of Message (25pts) award for substance in communicating the topic/issue to the listener,

raising level of awareness of the value and impact of the subject matter and involvement from listeners

Technical Quality (25pts) award for production quality, best use of production elements such as music,

captivating selection of Audio clips & effects, interviews etc but avoiding. cliché

Overall Presentation (25pts) award for various Editorial and production elements are combined

to produce a compelling 

programme that impact society as a whole 

(2) Presenter of the year 

Creativity:- (20 pts) The degree to which on- air presentation production stands

out from the competition with regard to oncepts and protocols of narrative, humour, originality etc. 

Delivery (20 pts) The manner in which methods, ideas, and concepts are presented. 

Clarity of Message (20 pts) The degree to which information/message is clearly understood by the

listen audience, via voice quality, rich in ideas articulate expression of ideas/ facts choice of words etc. 

Production Values (20 pts) Award for quality of sound, mixing and use of any sound effects, music and

sound bites, blending of Signals e.t.c. in the entry. Overall Presentation (20 pts) General interpretation

of the entry including but not limited to whether the piece show that the Entrant/Nominee’s approach is

engaging, curious, authentic, interesting, knowledgeable etc, to merit successful presentation. 

(3) Studio Manager of the year 

Creativity - (25 pts) Award for Originality, initiatives and reliability 

Technical excellence - (25 pts) Ability to Interpret the rel\ative vision of the producer/ presenter with proficiency in 

sound appreciation and voice quality control. 

Diversity - (25 pts) Evidence of performance/ engagement in most aspects of broadcast, Live Concert. 

(4) Investigative Journalist of the year 

Is the Entry, the reporters own initiatives and efforts? (20 Pts) 

Concern issue(s) of interest to the public in all its diversity. (20 Pts) 

Demonstrate investigative journalistic skills and methodologies such as source Building

& Date search (Computer assisted Reporting), Depth and Insight, etc. (20 Pts) 

Uncover facts or discover information by deliberate journalistic efforts. (20 Pts) 

Tells the story in a clear and balanced manner beyond the scope of general news coverage (20 Pts ) 

(5) Commentary Writer of the year 

Innovation - (20 Pts) Award for Originality, Exceptional topical issue. Commentary should

be Engaging, Unique, Complete and Interesting.

Clarity of Message – (20 pts) The News commentary must explain the topic clearly to the

listening audience, ensure correct usage of grammar, syntax, choice of words 

Sourcing – (20 points) News commentary must feature more than one source of data.

Claims must be consolidated by documents and/or studies (computer assisted reporting). 

Technical Proficiency - (20 points) the piece must show above average level of writing

skill/style, accuracy, appeal and able to communicate complex issue into understandable

piece to the ordinary listening audience. 

Impact on Society - (20 points) News Commentary must exhibit scope and significance of

issue/subject and its impact on society as a whole. 

(6) News Editor of the year 

Innovation - (25 points) Award for Originality, Novelty in Editing News Bulleting 

Technical Proficiency – (25 points) Award for exceptional news Judgment, continuity,

accuracy, organization, spelling & grammar.

Diversity - (25 points) Ability to perform in most aspect of Radio Broadcasting such

as writing, Reporting, Producing, Directing etc. 

Presentation - (25 points) Award for combination of editorial and Production elements such

as reports, interactive, commercial adverts etc 

(7) Sports Journalist of the year 

Innovation - (25 points) Award for originality, creativity & novelty. 

Sourcing - (25 points) Award for entrant’s Exceptional contribution to Sports programming,

studies which promotes national and community based sporting activities that receive limited

coverage in the wider media. 

Technical Proficiency - (25 points) Award for above average level of writing skill/style, choice

of words, appeal and able to arouse listener’s interest in sports generally. 

Presentation - (25 points) Award for Editorial and production elements such as interviews,

Exceptional Sound effects, combined to produce a Compelling Sport programme 

(8) Commentator of the year 

Creativity - (20 pts) Award for originality, novelty, deployment of creative structures and protocols of narrative etc. 

Delivery - (20 pts) Award for how methods, ideas and concepts are presented. Speaking voice, choice of words 

Clarity of Message - (20 pts) Award for Confidence and Adaptability in an on-air presentation, building rapport

with the Audience, clear and attractive Grammar e.t.c 

Technical proficiency – (20 pts) Award for an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, clear diction

and accurate pronunciation. 

Overall presentation - (20 points) Award for how good a visual picture is created for the

listener by the on-air announcer plus ability to handle unexpected events smoothly. 

(9) Reporter of the year 

Live report(s) that effectively tells a Story from a remote location (25 Points 

Invocations, Originality and Novelty (25 Points) 

Presentation of Facts, and Delivery of story (25 Points) 

Follow up and Hard news element that may have been uncovered from the Reporter’s efforts. (25 Points) 

(10) DJ/Music Presenter of the Year

Presentational skills (20 Points) 

Robustness of Juke box (20 Points)

Articulation (20points)

Creativity (20points)

Versatility (20Points)

(11) Documentary

Evidence of Innovation & Creativity (25 Points)

Clarity of Message (25Points)

Technical Quality (25points)

Articulation (25points)          


(12) Engineer of the year 

Innovative application of Technology in content creation, management and Delivery of real benefits that move FRCN forward 

Diversity- Evidence of performance/Engagement in most aspect of Broadcast Engineering such as studios, Transmitters, V-sat etc 

Technical Proficiency- Award for Exceptional competence, Accuracy, Reliability, etc 

(13) Technologist of the year 

Innovative Application of Technology Hardware and Software that’s exceptionally identifiable, Creative and/or of business benefit to FRCN – 25 marks 

Technical Proficiency- Award for Exceptional Competence, Accuracy, Reliability, Strategic thinking etc – 25 marks Sustainability – 50 marks 

(14) Marketer of the year 

Entrant’s sales performance (Achievement) in gross Naira volume, including product profile, condition and circumstance under which sales were made 

Initiatives and Innovative ideas adapted/or employed in Marketing and selling Audience/product. 

Flexibility, commitment, strategic thinking, reliability and Impact entrant brings the station/Directorate 

(15) Junior Staff of the year (Making “IT Happen” Award) 

This award is an opportunity to recognize staff members such as messengers, Generator/Lift Operators, Receptionists etc that ordinarily do not get the accolades but are the cornerstone of corporate success. 

Commitment, Integrity, Dedication, Resourcefulness, Punctuality 

Describe how the entrant has exceptionally impacted on your Office/station in not more than 300 words. 

(16) Administrator of the year 

Punctuality and dedication to duty – 30 pts 

Ability to succintly and accurately analyse issues - 30pts 

Ability to anticipate problems and respond to them promptly – 20pts 

Good command of the English Language in the conveyance of memo and others – 20pts 

(17) Auditor of the year 

Audit staff with the highest audit savings arising from procurement vouchers and inflated invoices/personal advances in excess of 3 months 

Ability to effectively use the Computer Assisted Audit Technique (CAAT) and other computer soft wares in carrying out a comprehensive audit job 

Ability to detect fraud and report it without fear or intimidation no matter how highly placed the officer involved is 

The Auditor with the most regular, clear, concise and prompt monthly report.

(18) Accountant of the year 

The following criteria will be used in the selection of the Accountant of the Year: 

Integrity; - 10 marks 

Accuracy; - 10 marks 

Punctuality; - 10 marks 

Ability to communicate well; - 10 marks 

Computer Literacy; - 10 marks 

Foresight; - 10 marks 

Output of work - 10 marks 

Ability to accept responsibility - 10 marks 

Drive and Determination; - 10marks 

Application of technical and 

Professional knowledge; - 10 marks 

(19) FM Station of the Year

Revenue generation based on the target set for the station, -40 marks.

Efficient management of resources which will largely be determined by the Directorate of Audit, - 20 marks

Innovative programme for the target audience – 20 marks

ICT compliance – 20 marks

(20) GM of the Year

He/She must be the GM of the winning station;

He/She must be Due Process compliant in all aspects and ramifications

(21) Most Valuable Listener of the Year

Currency or ability to confirm being abreast of issues (30Points)

Quality of contribution (40 Points)

Frequency of Contribution (30 Points)



Dear colleague,

We are writing once again to let you know about our upcoming international courses in Hilversum and to invite you to consider the other avenues for cooperation and partnership which RNTC offers.

Our avenues for cooperation with RNTC

International courses: RNTC organises four international courses per year here in Hilversum. These are intended for individual journalists, programme-makers, train ers and managers already working in the media. Nationals of your country can apply to take part in these courses as sponsored or self-paying participants.

Tailor-made courses: RNTC develops tailor-made training courses on demand, in cooperation with media organisations or organisations that use media for development.

Projects: RNTC engages in projects of two to three years duration with partners in developing countries and countries in transition. Examples of such projects include developing curricula at media training institutes, strengthening community media (networks) and building capacity in media organisations, e.g. on new media journalism.

New in our portfolio are short courses with a thematic approach. In May 2011 we will start with Inside International Justice. Other courses for journalists focusing on water management, agricultural development, the European Union or reconciliation after conflict are being developed.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of working together in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rntc.nl. RNTC has no funding of its own to cover the costs of tailor-made courses or projects. This means you must find a donor. We can advise on potential sources of third-party funding.

Call for applications
We would like to ask your attention for our courses in 2011 and 2012; which are now open for applications:

Inside International Justice 23-27 May 2011, Register before May 1 2011
International course Educational Programme Production 17 September – 7 December 2012, Apply before 1 February 2012 (fellowship applicants)
International course Training the Trainers 14 May – 22 June 2012, Apply before 1 September 2011 (fellowship applicants)
International course Broadcast Management 28 May – 8 June 2012, Apply before 1 September 2011 (fellowship applicants)
International course Broadcast Journalism 30 January – 20 April 2012, Apply before 1 April 2011 (fellowship applicants)

Via the links or enclosures you will find information about these courses and the application procedure.

Other developments
You might like to know that in addition to the International Courses RNTC is hard at work, together with the University of Leiden, developing an International Masters on “Journalism and New Media in a Global Context” which we plan to offer first for sponsored/self-paying partcipants in 2012-2013 and for NFP participants in 2013-2014. In the Spring of 2012 we will offer a six week International Master Class which will include some of the content (professional and academic) we intend to include in the Masters. As we enter 2011 we are also engaged in a process leading to a merger with two other Dutch organisations involved in supporting the development of media around the world: Press Now and Free Voice.

Please accept our warm appreciation of your continued support - and that of all our former course participants around the world.

Mr. Peter Veenendaal

General Manager

Funke - Treasure Durodola

Broadcast Journalist/Trainer

Visioner – Media Mentoring Initiative


Skype: funke.treasure.durodola

0802 315 4929


DAME: Abisola Oluremi emerges Radio Reporter of the Year

A staff of News and Current Affairs Division of Ibadan Zonal Station, Mrs. Abisola Oluremi, emerged as the Radio Reporter of the Year at the 19th edition of the Diamond Awards of Media Excellence (DAME) decided on 21st November 2010 at the Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos.

Her entry on examination malpractices at primary school level which was broadcast on the station on July 23rd 2010 was adjudged to be the best in the Radio category and fetched Abisola the Reporter of the Year award.

Abisola was in Lagos to receive her award and collect a prize for the corporation for partnering with the organisers of the event.


Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF)





Deadline:  August, 1st 2010
Open to:  journalists from developing countries
Fund:   full funding

Each year the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF) brings approximately ten mid-career reporters and editors–usually between the ages of 25 and 35–to America for a six-month, in-depth, practical introduction to the professional and ethical standards of the U.S. print media. Among those who have succeeded are Fellows who have become top editors and newsroom managers, founders of news outlets and public relation firms, section heads, bureau chiefs, chief or foreign
correspondents, and university professors.

An excellent command of written and spoken English
Early to mid-career status with at least three years of professional
experience as a print journalist
A demonstrated personal commitment to a career in journalism in your
own country
Current employment as a print journalist, preferably with an
independent news organization, in a developing or transitional country
What does the fellowship provide?
Fellows — but not their dependents — receive:
Program-related international travel
Program-related domestic travel
Accident/sickness insurance
Monthly stipend for basic living expenses
Documentation (DS-2019) which enables the Fellow to obtain a J-1 visa

Application process
A complete application consists of:
application form
personal statement (one-to two-page essay)
fellowship goals essay (one-to two-page essay)
two letters of reference
employer’s endorsement and guarantee of salary
our articles (must be in English or translated to English)
passport size photograph of yourself
one issue of the publication for which you work
a copy of your press credentials
a copy of your valid passport


 For more... click






Trustees of the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME) have invited entries in 33 categories for the 19th edition. The categories cover print journalism, broadcasting and advertising.

For print journalism, entries are expected for Action Photography, Agriculture Reporting, Best Designed Newspaper, Capital Market Reporting, Child Friendly Media, Editorial Cartooning and Health Reporting. Others are Informed Commentary, Insurance Reporting, Judicial Reporting, Political Reporting, Press Reporter of the Year, Editor of the Year, and Newspaper of the year.

The Broadcast categories include Radio Reporter of the Year, Radio Drama of the Year, TV Reporter of the Year, TV Drama of the Year, and TV Documentary of the Year...more






I am pleased to announce that Citi has launched its prestigious Journalism
Excellence Awards program for the first time in Nigeria. The Citi
Journalism Excellence Awards began in 1982 as a way to recognize
journalists for excellent financial and business reporting.

The winning journalist from Nigeria will spend 10-days, with other winning
journalists from around the world, at a business and financial seminar
which is administered by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in New
York City.

The program is open to ONLY business and financial reporters in print
media and electronic services including TV and radio. Each journalist is
allowed ONLY one qualifying entry. Deadline for submission is March 10,

Please see the attached flyer for complete details about the competition
and how to submit a qualifying story for consideration.

The panel which will decide the winning journalist from Nigeria will be
announced shortly.

Entries can be submitted to Ogochukwu Ekezie ogochukwu.ekezie@citi.com
More information as well as the entry forms can be found at www.citi.com/nigeria




FRCN receives award

The Christian Film Producers Association of Nigeria CFPAN, Enugu State has honored FRCN with an award as the most outstanding and accomplished Radio Station of the Millennium.

The award according to the Association is “as a mark of great honour and respect for your establishment’s excellent and sterling qualities to the growth of society”.

The Director General Mal. Yusuf Nuhu mni represented at the award ceremony by the Ag. Zonal Director Enugu Zonal Station, Mrs. Emah Ekpo commended the Association for rising to challenge the moral and ethical decadence in the society being orchestrated and sustained by debasing home movies.

The Christian film Producers Association of Nigeria, CFPAN, Enugu has produced and placed to the use of the society a movie to showcase the beauty and excellence of the culture of Nigeria.







The Director General noted that the award will serve as a tonic to the corporation in the discharge of its mandate of uplifting the people and uniting the nation.

During the ceremony, FRCN Enugu Zonal Station and Unity FM, Abakaliki were inducted into the hall of fame with the Best Radio Station and Most Acclaimed Radio Station of the Year respectively.

The Acting Director-General of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Mrs. Maria Odey has assured listeners that the Corporation would continue to provide quality broadcasting.

She was reacting to the award of Best Radio Production and Best Radio Drama to a staff of the Abuja National Station of the Corporation, Mrs. Preere Eyebagha by the National Broadcasting Commission, (NBC).

The award was given to her at the recently concluded International Conference for African Broadcasters, Africast in Abuja.

According to the Acting Director-General, nothing short of quality content programming will be provided by the Corporation at all times as the flagship of broadcasting in Nigeria.

Mrs. Maria Odey advised the staff to regard the awards as an incentive to strive for excellence at all times.

Responding, the award winner Mrs. Preere Eyebagha said determination and excellence had been her guiding principle.

She urged producers to remain focused, use appropriate contents and chose natural effects in producing drama instead of synthetic effects.





Radio Nigeria’s Funke- Treasure wins NMMA

Radio Nigeria’s Producer, Mrs. Funke Treasure Durodola has won the best radio production award in the 16th edition of the Nigeria Media Merit Award held in Kano.

Mrs. Durodola had previously garnered three other awards this year for her works.

According to the organizers of the award the Nigeria Media Merit Award – Africa’s foremost media excellence trust, the result was an outcome of a thorough scrutiny from other works submitted by other producers and they were 3 nominees from which Mrs. Durodola came out tops.

At the grand presentation held on Saturday 15th November 2008, Mrs. Funke Treasure Dorudola, who was elated thanked the organizers for the honour and promised to strive to promote the ideals of the FRCN which is excellence.

She won the NMMA with Programme, Voices From The Street, which aired from Sept - Dec 2007 on the Network Service of Radio Nigeria. At the award night, she dedicated the award to the highly intelligent and fascinating street children she worked with on the project .

The Project was done with Unicef, a Unicef assisted NGO - Child to Child Network and Radio Nigeria.





Radio Nigeria's Reporter Wins Investigative Award

Radio Nigeria reporter, Mr Solomon Adebayo has won the 2008, Wole Soyinka Award for Investigative reporting in the Radio Category for the second time.

His winning investigative entry which was on the operation of illegal detention centre by the Abuja Environmental Board Task Force on environmental sanitation and its inhuman treatment of artisans, hawkers and petty traders abducted on the streets of Abuja was adjudged the best entry for this year’s edition of the annual award.

His investigative reports which exposed the secret cells led to the hurried closure of the illegal detention centre and the total overhauling of the AEPB task force.

The report elicited reactions from both the National Human Rights Commission, Abuja branch of the Nigeria Bar Association and the human rights community.
The report also led to the removal of the AEPB Director.

Solomon Adebayo had also won the award last year.The award carries a cash prize and a laptop.