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FRCN ready to partner with Inter-Faith Chaplaincy of Nigeria

The Inter-Faith Chaplaincy of Nigeria wants to partner with FRCN through Chaplaincy programmes that will promote peace and security in the Country.

The Director of the Agency, Rev Ezekiel Joshua, sought for the support of FRCN in promoting peace and harmony in Nigeria through religion and to quell religious disputes among Nigerians.  

The Director General of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Dr Mansur Liman, gave the assurance that FRCN is ready to partner with them in the area of enlightenment and hoped that through the medium of radio, Nigerians will understand the need to live in peace and harmony and avoid conflict which leads to chaos. 

The Organisation was founded by its International Commandant General of Chaplains, Prof. Jidejisos Josiah Ejie and inaugurated on the 22nd of January 2011.

A group picture of IFCN and FRCN Management teams 

The aim of the Organisation is to reach the nation and the world at large with the message of peace. They operate in 32 states of the federation and also in about nine countries worldwide. Their missionaries preach the message of peace to unite ethnic groups and religions. Its target is to foster peaceful co-existence for better living.